About Naturalizer

When it comes to footwear, combining comfort and style is a tricky feat that only few have mastered. Naturalizer® has done just that.  Finding a style that oozes sophistication and wraps your feet in cushioned comfort is finally a reality and right at your fingertips! Hooray!

In business nearly a century, Naturalizer® has perfected womens footwear with an always stunning array of versatile styles season after season! You can find chic high heels that are perfect for a night out and modest pumps for the boardroom of office parties. You can also pick up a pair of loafers for a leisurely weekend, or beautiful booties and shooties to make your everyday commute a breeze. No matter they can help you keep your seasonal look on-trend with sweet strappy or slip-on sandals to tall riding boots adorned with the perfect straps and buckles to add some pizazz. Whatever you’re up for or in need of, they’ve got your covered!

The modern woman desires comfort - Naturalizer® boasts the N5 comfort system in all off their styles. Every single shoe includes plush, fully cushioned footbeds, breathable linings, premium uppers ranging from leathers, suede and stand out textiles for an always fashion forward and trendy look. Their high heels are designed for stability with deep and cushioned heel cups.  You’ll never have to choose between style and comfort again!

Latest Reviews

  • Janet Posted: Reviewer: Overall: 1 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    So I am a solid size 9 and I like comfy wide shoes but can purchase and wear medium just as easily (which is what I prefer for sexy heels) these shoes were waaaay too small for me and I purchased extea wide! ? ! They comfortably fit my petite mom who is 7 1/2 to 8 and she loves them. I am going to try two sizes up if I can and maybe triple wide? Incredibly narrow shoes! If not I'll purchase another gorgeous, utterly comfortable black penny loafer from Clarks that I killed after 3 years constant use in business suits. A bit more expensive but elegant and great foot support.
  • Jaye Posted: Reviewer: from Bowie, MD Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 3 Stars
    I tried these shoes on when I received them; they were snug but okay. I wore them to work and less than one hour later my heels were rubbed raw. The skin on the back of my heel rubbed off. Currently I'm wearing a bandage over the sore until it heals. I wish I could return these shoes. Now I'm fearful that another Naturalizer shoe I have will not fit either.
  • Janet Posted: Reviewer: from NJ Overall: 1 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 2 Stars
    When I tried this shoe on, I had to double check that my foot wasn't in the box by mistake! It's big, wide and clunky; with my AA feet, I just walked right out of them. Looks OK on the site but really boxy in person. Going back.
  • Saban Posted: Reviewer: from New Jersey Overall: 1 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Uncharacteristically for a Naturalizer, this shoe offered no support at all. When I tried it on both feet just rolled toward the middle - sort of like sleeping on a really old mattress. Returning.
  • Sarah Posted: Reviewer: from Madison, Mississippi Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Very cute shoe, but the high wall of the shoe next to my ankle bone was hard and uncomfortable for me.
  • Clarissa Posted: Reviewer: from Seattle Overall: 2 Stars Comfort: 4 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    I love the comfort of these shoes, and they are true to size. The elastic on the sides helps to prevent pressure from the top of my feet. BUT, the polish on the shoes comes off very easy. I have worn these shoes 2 times and they are already scuffed on the toes. None of my other shoes are this way, so I know it's the polish on the shoes and not me. Giving it 2 stars overall just because of this polish issue.
  • Clarissa Posted: Reviewer: from Wisconsin Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Love them! Very comfy. Fits perfectly.
  • Adelle Posted: Reviewer: from Louisiana Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    I think this shoe rocks. True to size, sexy and very comfortable. Great value.
  • Morrison Posted: Reviewer: from NV Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Overall I just didn't think this was quite worth the cost. It is less stiff than the typical one of these leather or faux white sneakers that are so fashionable right now, but it was still not as comfortable as I was looking for. It is very not breathable, which is not going to work for me in Las Vegas summer. It looks cheap. On a plus, it doesn't have obnoxious branding on it. The sole is really not that cushioned for a comfort brand. The inside is nicely soft, however. The price is up there around the start of premium sneaker pricing, which is a lot more cushioned. I own a lot of higher end Asics and Nike sneakers. That is what I am looking for, but in a clean white with a formal look. This shoe should be fine for light walking indoors or cooler climate, but it's not going to work for miles of walking in hot weather, alas.
  • Brittany Posted: Reviewer: from Phila, PA Overall: 2 Stars Comfort: 2 Stars Look: 3 Stars
    I was really expecting to love these. I order Naturalizer a lot because of the availability of wide widths in their styles. Lately though I've been disappointed - wide feels medium in the last couple of pairs I tried. This shoe overall was a poor fit. I didn't like how much toe cleavage was showing in this style. I also ordered the Me Too Janell and am highly pleased with the fit and look of those.