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Zappos.com Customer Testimonials (10209 total)

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I need to tell you what outstanding service I get from your company. Not just today. I need to tell you when you provide excellent service. I'm so proud when I get to order from Zappos!

Jeannine │ 04/21/2017

Hi Zappos, just wanted to thank you again for being the easiest, friendliest, best company I ever deal with! I use you, recommend you, and have never been disappointed in you. Hope you're winning awards for this somewhere!

Leslie │ 04/21/2017

called in and said that she was very impressed with Zappos and how expertly packed her order was. She was thrilled that we obviously cared about the product we were sending her. Props to the Warehouse! She said she hasn't seen such a nice job in packing since the 1960's.

Eileen │ 04/21/2017

Thank you so much! I have always heard about Zappos great customer service, but this is really amazing. I appreciate the ease of this return.

Kris │ 04/21/2017

Thank you! Fantastic customer service!

Susan │ 04/21/2017

Thank you so much! I will definitely be using Zappos in the future and I can't express how much I appreciate their customer service!

Katelyn │ 03/24/2017

Thank you and you have just gained a customer.

Taylor │ 03/24/2017

Thank you, you guys are the best! I always love emails.

Phyllis │ 03/24/2017

Your customer service is as good as, if not better than, Nordstroms.

Margaret │ 03/24/2017

YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! I appreciate the excellent customer service!

Katie │ 03/24/2017

To whom it may concern: I would like to say that I have never experienced the spectacular treatment I have received this week from Zappos. I placed an order for a paie of sneekers on Tuesday, I guess there was some sort of computer mix-up - I received an order verification email then an'oops" email stating that the tem was out of stock and then another stating that the order was being processed. Initially, the order was to be delivered on Thursday and when it did not arrive, I decided to call customer service. Pleas forgive me and please track this so the individual I spoke with receives all the credit she deserves. She took my information, apologized and proceeded to solve my problem. First, she verified that the problem was on Zappos end. Then she offered me a $50 gift certificate that I could use either on a future order or my currrent order. Then, the process went one step further when she said my order would be FREE! It gets better. She told me that I would receive my order on Monday. Well, when I got home from work, on my porch was a box from Zappos with my sneekers in it. Unbelievable. I can only say that Zappos is my place. I will continue to order from Zappos and I will certainly urge any and all people I know to do the same. Keep up the good work and customer service and Thanks! Sincerely,

Dave │ 03/14/2017

To whom it may concern, I want to just let you know that you guys are the very best company I have ever dealt with and shall be a loyal customer forever. Sincerely,

Amanda │ 03/14/2017

Thank you for being to easy to shop with! I respect your working with the customer and making our lives much easier! LOL I do know about over the river and through the woods! :>)

Janet │ 03/14/2017

Thank you!

Patricia │ 03/14/2017

You've never let me down, even though I only make small purchases. I'm a long-time Zappos customer, and for life! Don't stop doing what you're doing, and wishing you all continued success.

Loren │ 03/14/2017

Hi, I just want to Thank you for great service. My husband doesn't like to shop at stores. He found his running shorts on your website and said the whole transaction was great (I agree) Keep up your fantastic work! Again Thanks!

Kay │ 02/28/2017

Thank you and Zappos is great as usual!

Michelle │ 02/28/2017

Thank you and Zappos is great as usual!

Deborah │ 02/28/2017

I love the expedient responses from Zappos! Have a great weekend!

Tonya │ 02/28/2017

Hi, I got confirmation that you received my exchange items. The new sizes fit great, I totally love them. I have never experienced such a fast & easy return-exchange. Thank you so much!! I have found my new shoe store & will be telling all my friends!! Great job!!

Maureen │ 02/28/2017

Thank you for your kind reply and positive attitude. It is reassuring to know you understand that shoes may not fit regardless of descriptions, sizes etc. I appreciate your outstanding customer service.

Nola │ 02/28/2017

Thank you! Good customer service always.

Kathylin │ 02/28/2017

Hello! I wanted to email and let everyone at Zappos know how happy I am with your service. In a time when it seems like customer service is less of a focus for most companies, Zappos continues to exceed expectations! Each time I call I am extremely pleased by the help, knowledge and general feeling of someone caring about whatever issue I'm having. You all are doing everything right and will have my business ahead of any other company. Thanks again!!

Angela │ 02/14/2017

Great, thank you for the excellent service!

Dennis │ 02/14/2017

You guys are the best! Love the customer service ALWAYS! Ordering, returning or recently trouble with delivery....due to my error....always great service. I live chatted at 10:30 on a Friday night when I realized an order hadn't arrived and it had been way too long, by Zappos standards...not only was I taken care f but the representative was friendly, and fun and understanding! I am devoted to Zappos!

Kristie │ 02/14/2017
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