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Zappos.com Customer Testimonials (10236 total)

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Mr. Tony Hsieh,My name is and I am writing a letter of appreciation to you for the experiences I have each time I interact with an associate at your company. I know you are now owned by Amazon.com (another comp= any I value very much) but your ethos out shines even them. Firstly your "employees" are here in the states. This is very important to me as a consumer and it is obvious from their tone of voice to their attitude the "I" am important and whatever they can do to remedy a situation if it is in their= power it will be done. This also indicates a "happy" workplace were each of them are of import to you and a part of the whole program. Suffice it to say my last dealings have gone so far above and beyond = anything one could possibly imagine in the customer service realm has left practically speechless but thank goodness I can still form enough thoughts to send this E-note to you. Most sincerely,

Gail │ 06/23/2017

Thank you.

Janet │ 06/23/2017

Thank you Zappos! Unfortunately, I had to look elsewhere and found a pair. Thank you for your exemplary customer service. Forever a fan and customer, Dee

Doris │ 06/23/2017

Thank you! You guys are great!

Kiana │ 06/16/2017

ZAPPOS IS THE BEST! I am trapped in Bozeman with no shopping. Thank you Zappos!??

Lori │ 06/16/2017

just wanted to say that he was WOW, that he ordered his items Thursday after cut off time, and he got it on Friday. He wants to let us know that he loves zappos.

Uriah │ 06/16/2017

Ty so much for your fast exchange process and credit to my card very impressed.

Terry │ 06/16/2017

I didn't see a link to add a testimonial, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy shopping at Zappos and appreciate your outstanding customer service. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Mary Ann │ 06/16/2017

Janeth was wonderful. She was amazing, compassionate, and sent me flowers, wishing me well on my recovery from a head on car accident. It was so thoughtful and considerate. I feel all of Zappos' customer service is exemplary and outstanding. I am glad I found a company I am comfortable working with. Thank you Janeth!

Kristy │ 06/16/2017

called to give props to the warehouse. She had lost and important key and got a package in the mail from Zappos with the key inside. It must have fallen into a return box. She was over the moon and could not stop raving about what a great company we are:)

Karolina │ 06/16/2017


Christine │ 06/16/2017

My shopping experience with Zappos was wonderful. Ordering online was easy, and the return of one pair was just as easy. Thank you! The pair that I kept is just what I wanted, style and size.I will definitely shop again with Zappos! Thank you

Barbara │ 06/16/2017

She just wanted to say thank you for our service it is outstanding. She really appreciates us and loves our website

Carol │ 06/16/2017

I am always amazed at how easy it is to shop your website & how easy exchanges are. Your vibe & customer service is top notch & not experienced anywhere else. Even your greeting about the joke of the day as I was on hold made me smile. You've got it "GOING ON"...it must be a great place to work. Thank you for the continued wonderful service. Putting a shout out on facebook. Love working with your company.

Janet │ 06/16/2017

Wanted to give us props for everyone here being so kind and for our joke of the day. She is impressed by our kindness and the amazing personalities of those here. She appreciates us.

Jpanne │ 06/16/2017

I would just like to say that your service was wonderful! My order arrived yesterday. I will surely shop with you again.

Sharon │ 05/16/2017

You folks are awesome - I love that I can order one day and have delivery the next - what fabulous service!

Alison │ 05/16/2017

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are doing this! I have shared it all over Facebook in the many groups I belong to of parents of children with disabilities. I do have one product idea for you, the only article of clothing that is harder to put on than a pair of shoes: a bra. If you could design bras of all sizes (for adults) that are easy to put on and take off, like a sports bra but less heavily constructed and not as over-engineered. No tags, no wires, no clips, no fuss. You would make my daughter's life a whole lot easier. In the meantime, thank you for doing this!! You rock!

Lisa │ 05/16/2017

Wow thank you so much! You have taken customer service to a new level! I should have realized that I wasn't credited but I missed it. You are the best!

Linda │ 05/16/2017

Very happy with fast friendly service that is downright magical. Really make day having that next business day delivery. Better than Disney, Everyone can learn something else.

Wendy │ 05/16/2017

Hi Zappos, I just wanted to give you guys a huge shout out for awesome customer service. Every time I have to deal with customer service from an online order that did NOT come from Zappos, I find myself saying "Wow. That customer service was awful. They should be more like Zappos!". You guys consistently provide excellent customer service and it makes all the difference when deciding where I want to shop! Thank you!

Sarah │ 05/16/2017

Thank you!

Maryam │ 05/16/2017

I read the article on Zappos Adaptive - thank you! Our daughter has Rett syndrome and there is a constant battle to find shoes that fit over her AFO's and sometimes even pants that fit over them. We have been buying shoes for her on Zappos for a long time because of the over night delivery, selection available, and ease of return. I only have one suggestion - Tsukihoshi kids shoes fit great over AFO's so hopefully they can be added to that page! Thank you for creating such a wonderful section for so many people who need a little extra help. Much appreciation,

Jennifer │ 05/16/2017

wow! thanks :) I have to compliment you and zappos. You are making shopping for myself and my kids so much easier. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate the next day receiving, easy returns, amazing exchanges... and fantastic selection. Just really want to say thank you!

Erin │ 05/16/2017

Awesome! Thank you very much!

Sylvia │ 04/27/2017
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